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Hannover Messe 2019


EtherCAT Box: High performance for harsh environments

With the expansion of the Beckhoff Fieldbus Box family via the EtherCAT Box, EtherCAT I/O technology no longer needs an electrical cabinet.

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Hannover Messe


无论是简单的还是复杂的应用,都可以使用我们的 I/O 组件以及 EtherCAT 或其它常用现场总线系统实现

EtherCAT Box

EtherCAT 的高性能直达现场层:倍福可提供由 EtherCAT 端子盒组成的防护等级高达 IP 67 的 I/O 系统。

EPxxxx | 工业级外壳

IP 67 modules for high performance directly in the field.

EPPxxxx | Industrial housing

IP 67 modules with EtherCAT P: Communication and power in a single 4-wire standard Ethernet cable.


The EP4314-1002 EtherCAT Box combines two analog inputs, two analog outputs and two digital inputs which can be individually parameterized, so that they process/generate signals either in the ±10 or ±20 mA range. The resolution for the current signals is 16 bit.


The EP6228-0022 IO-Link module enables connection of up to eight IO-Link devices, e.g. IO-Link box modules, actuators, sensors or combinations thereof. A point-to-point connection is used between the module and the device. The terminal is parameterised via the EtherCAT master. IO-Link is designed as an intelligent link between the fieldbus level and the sensor, wherein parameterisation information can be exchanged bidirectionally via the IO-Link connection. The parameterisation of the IO-Link devices with service data can be done from TwinCAT via ADS or very conveniently via the integrated IO-Link configuration tool.


The EPP9022-9060 EtherCAT P Box in space-saving form factor can be used for diagnosing and measuring the voltages US and UP and currents IS and IP, both temporarily during commissioning and permanently during operation. Even without an EtherCAT master, the voltage range is displayed on the box by LEDs (green, yellow and red). In a running EtherCAT network, the values of US, UP, IS and IP can also be read out as process data in the master. The voltage levels for the LED displays can be adjusted by CoE. In addition the EPP9022-9060 is equipped with an M8 power socket to which an external multimeter can be connected for measuring the voltages.


The EPP2334-0061 EtherCAT P Box has four digital channels, each of which can optionally be operated as an input or as an output. A configuration for using a channel as input or output is not necessary; the input circuit is internally connected to the output driver, so that a set output is displayed automatically in the input process image.

EtherCAT P

全新的单电缆解决方案 — 铺平了无控制柜的自动化之路。