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Ultra-fast Communication and Power in One Cable


EtherCAT P: One Cable Automation for the field level

EtherCAT P combines communication and power supply on a standard 4-wire Ethernet cable. System and sensor supply “Us“ and peripheral voltage “Up“ for actuators are galvanically isolated and directly injected into the wires of a 100 Mbit line, resulting in a highly cost-efficient and compact connection. Using a matching combination of connectors and cables, a complete machine unit can be supplied with only one line. All advantages of EtherCAT, such as free choice of topology, high speed, optimised bandwidth utilisation and telegram processing on the fly are equally available with EtherCAT P.

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无论是简单的还是复杂的应用,都可以使用我们的 I/O 组件以及 EtherCAT 或其它常用现场总线系统实现

EtherCAT P

全新的单电缆解决方案 — 铺平了无控制柜的自动化之路。