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Application film | Lundin Norway

EtherCAT synchronizes 529 axes to automate a kinetic art installation of the Scandinavian Design Group. Beckhoff Servo Terminals move the virtual ocean: The kinetic installation consists of a field of 529 plexiglas tubes, constantly moved in such a way that they create a 3 D image of undulation in the eye of the viewer.

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TwinCAT 软件系统可将任何一个基于 PC 的系统转换为一个带多 PLC、NC、CNC 和机器人的实时控制系统。

AM8100 | Servomotors for compact drive technology

The AM8100 motors are specially designed for operation with the compact drive components in the smallest of mounting spaces.


The EL7201 servomotor EtherCAT Terminal, with integrated resolver interface, offers high servo performance in a very compact design. The fast control technology, based on field-oriented current and PI speed control, supports fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks. The monitoring of numerous parameters, such as overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent, terminal temperature or motor load via the calculation of a I²T model, offers maximum operational reliability. EtherCAT, as a high-performance system communication, and CAN-over-EtherCAT (CoE), as the application layer, enable ideal interfacing with PC-based control technology. The latest power semiconductors guarantee minimum power loss and enable feedback into the DC-Link when braking. 16 LEDs indicate status, warning and error messages as well as possibly active limitations.

PC-based control from Beckhoff offers automation solutions for all stationary performances.


打造极致客户体验:基于 PC 的娱乐设备控制解决方案

Beckhoff control components for:  Lighting HVAC Energy measurement Facade


基于 PC 的控制技术将多媒体技术与控制系统整合在同一个平台上