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Following the introduction of mechanical production systems, work-sharing mass production and the automation of production processes, a fourth industrial revolution is now on the horizon. And the term introduced for this – “Industrie 4.0” – already points toward intelligent, networked systems: previously separated production environments are combined to produce universal production worlds, which are partly of a physical nature, and partly attain a new functionality in the cyber space of web connectivity. The focal point in this development is the convergence of information and automation technology, for which Beckhoff laid the foundation already in 1986 with PC-based Control, and it still offers the optimum control architecture for future Industrie 4.0 concepts. more


Research projects

it's OWL

it's OWL: The Leading-Edge Cluster it’s OWL, funded by German Federal Ministery of Education and Research (BMBF), is recognised as one of the pathfinders for Industrie 4.0. Beckhoff as one of the core companies of the technology network is driving innovation as a consortium leader of the following research project:

ScAut – Scientific Automation

ScAut – Scientific Automation: The aim of ScAut – a research project funded as part of the “it’s OWL” leading-edge cluster Intelligent Technical Systems– is the development of a Scientific Automation platform. This includes the development and real-time operation of technical systems with inherent part-intelligence.

efa - eXtreme Fast Automation

efa - eXtreme Fast Automation: The main aim of the project is the provision of eXtreme Fast Control for automation of complex production equipment.