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I/O solution increases efficiency for standard applications with medium and high volume production

The EJxxxx EtherCAT plug-in modules are electronically-based on the well-known EtherCAT I/O system, while their design allows them to be directly attached to a circuit board. The circuit board is an application-specific signal distribution board that distributes signals and power to individual application-specific plug connectors in order to connect the controller to machine modules as required. Elaborate manual wiring of single wires, common in conventional control cabinet construction, is replaced by simply plugging in prefabricated cable harnesses. Unit costs are lowered, and the risk of incorrect wiring is reduced to a minimum by coded components. more


EtherCAT plug-in modules

EtherCAT plug-in modules: The modules from the EJ series reduce assembly and wiring costs and replace inflexible black box solutions in standard machines.

EtherCAT plug-in module

EtherCAT plug-in module: For stepper motors with medium performance range

Signal distribution board

Signal distribution board: The signal distribution board replaces conventional point-to-point wiring between I/O and connector level. The connections are provided in the form of PCB tracks.

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