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With the introduction of the CX5100 Embedded PC series, Beckhoff makes multi-core technology now also available for controllers in the medium performance class. The DIN rail-mountable CX5100 controllers use processors of the latest Intel® Atom™ generation. The CX5100 series features three different types of devices with different processors and housing sizes:

  • CX5120: Intel® Atom™ CPU, 1.46 GHz, single-core
  • CX5130: Intel® Atom™ CPU, 1.75 GHz, dual-core
  • CX5140: Intel® Atom™ CPU, 1.91 GHz, quad-core



CX5120: Fanless compact controller with single-core Atom™ CPU


CX5130: Fanless compact controller with dual-core Atom™ CPU


CX5140: Fanless compact controller with quad-core Atom™ CPU

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