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The optimum combination for remote operator interface units located up to 100 m away: Beckhoff multi-touch panel + CP-Link 4

With CP-Link 4 operating panels can be located up to 100 m away from the Industrial PC. The single-cable solution can be used to transfer video signals, USB 2.0 and the power supply in a standard CAT.6A cable, thus reducing cable and installation costs. A further benefit is the use of purely passive displays. The CP-Link 4 technology is supported by the new Beckhoff multi-touch panel series CP29xx-0010 (built-in version) and CP39xx-0010 (mounting arm version). more



CP29xx-0010: Multi-touch built-in Control Panel with CP-Link 4


CP39xx-0010: Multi-touch Control Panel for mounting arm installation with CP-Link 4


CU8803-0000: Transmitter box for  CP-Link 4 –
The One Cable Display Link


CU8802-0000: Transmitter box for CP-Link 4 –
The Two Cable Display Link


C9900-E276: PCIe module for CP-Link 4 –
The Two Cable Display Link