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C6670 industrial server maximises industrial computing power

It is well-established that centralised control system architectures have numerous advantages over distributed methodologies. Modern production lines and high-performance, standalone machines incorporate ever increasing functionality with ever shorter cycle times – all of this calls for increasingly powerful, central control systems. The new C6670 industrial server from Beckhoff represents one of the most powerful controllers to reach the market. The solution can be equipped with 12, 24 or 36 processor cores and its memory can be expanded from 64 GB up to 2 TB. The immense computing power provided by the C6670 can be most effectively utilised when each individual core is leveraged to the fullest using the TwinCAT 3.1 automation software platform from Beckhoff.




C6670: Designed for control cabinet installation, the C6670 server incorporates two Intel® Xeon® processors, each with 6, 12 or 18 cores, working together on a motherboard with two Gigabit Ethernet controllers and a powerful graphics card.

Scientific Automation

Scientific Automation: The Beckhoff “many-core control” concept complies with the company’s consistent and long-term philosophy of centralised control with integrated Scientific Automation.

TwinCAT 3

TwinCAT 3: With TwinCAT 3.1 it is possible to optimally utilise all available processor cores by intelligently distributing individual control tasks among them.